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Sing like a Pro - Vocal Training 101



12 Weeks

About the Course

Vocal training 101 course is the first of the three part Vocal Training program. This course is ideal for music enthusiasts with basic to intermediate knowledge in music who are seeking to enhance their singing skills to sing like a professional. In this course, vocal trainees will bring any song (from any Indian music genres) for deeper analysis and application of techniques. They will be trained in voice textures, tones, vocal stability, body posture, voice dynamics and others - details in the Topics Covered section. At the end of the course, trainees will have a deeper understand of the concepts related to Pitch, Rhythm and Expression.

Take away from this course:
1. Trainees will learn to apply the concepts learnt during the course, record two songs and will receive mastered copies of their rendition.
2. Weekly vocal exercises and creative mini projects would be assigned to trainees during the course of this training to make this an interactive and proactive learning process.
3. Trainees will receive a copy of all the notes and other study materials used during the course.
4. Ongoing access to the community to share their future music projects and receive feedback from fellow students.

Topics covered in 101:
1. Fundamentals
- Voice care
- Posture
- Breath Control
- Tones & Textures - 6 vocal tones
- Vocal registers - Chest/Head voice
- Vocal Flexibility and Endurance

2. Pitch - Part 1
- Notes & Scales - Music theory parallel between Indian & Western Classical styles
- Pitch identification
- Pitch transpose
- Using Tanpura/Tuner

3. Rhythm - Part 1
- Beat and Tempo
- Beat pattern and cycle
- 3 and 4 beat pattern exercises
- Using Metronome

4. Expression
- Understanding the emotion behind music
- Voice modulation
- 12 popular voice modulation exercises

Scaffolding and practical learning methodology of teaching will be adopted to break down the concepts to bite sized concepts for easy comprehension. Individual attention to ensure progress for each trainee. Higher order thinking methods will be used to enable trainees to understand, analyze, apply, evaluate various types of songs from different genres in Indian music, create their own tune and master to perfection. Building a community of fellow music lovers to share feedback with each other and grow together.

Anyone above 12 years with a keen interest in improving their singing skills. No prior music training necessary.

Course Format:
Batch Size: 5 person limit
Duration: 12 weeks, one 55 minute class per week
This is a comprehensive course involving complex concepts. If you miss classes, make up session should be purchased separately. Contact for further details.

CAD 370, to be paid at the beginning of the course.

Your Instructor

Namratha Prasad

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